Scientific prizes

    Distinctions and awards rewarding our researchers and students

    CEMEF's research work is regularly singled out for recognition. Each year, students and researchers receive awards from learned societies, congresses or civil society.

    We are proud of our laureates and the scientific prizes that reward them, without reservation. They undeniably confirm  the vitality of our research activities. More specifically, they are a clear recognition of the quality of our research. In short, we are pleased to congratulate all our awardees and we thank them for the work they accomplish.

    Here after is a presentation of the latest award-winners.

    AWARDS IN 2020

    Juhi Sharma, laureate of the Pierre Laffitte Prize 2020

    Pierre LAFFITTE Prize 2020

    Juhi Sharma, PhD student in the MSR Team, receives the 1st Pierre Laffitte 2020 Prize for her research work on the evolution of microstructure during the forging of the nickel-based superalloy VDM Alloy 780.

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    Elie Hachem, IACM Fellow

    IACM Fellow 2020

    Elie Hachem receives the prestigious Fellow distinction from the International Association for Computational Mechanics for his research works in fluid mechanics.

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    Tatiana Budtova CNRS Silver Medal 2020

    CNRS Silver Medal

    Tatiana Budtova is the recipient of the CNRS Silver Medal. It rewards her works on bioaerogels.

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    AWARDS IN 2019

    Lauréats du prix Pierre Laffitte 2019

    Pierre Laffitte Prize 2019

    Emilie Forestier and Luiz Pereira, both PhD students received respectively the 2nd and 3rd Pierre Laffitte Prize 2019 for the advances in their respective thesis work

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    J. Fausty SF2M science award winner

    SF2M Prize

    Julien Fausty, PhD student, received the award for best oral communication at the annual SF2M Days, held October 21-23, 2019..

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    Winner of the AFM 2019 thesis prize

    AFM society, Paul Germain Prize

    Mehdi Khalloufi, CEMEF PhD student (clzss 2014 - 2017) was awarded the AFM Paul Germain PhD thesis prize at the 2019 edition of the French Mechanical Engineering Congress held in Brest at the end of August 2019

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    Elie Hachem awarded the 1st prize Atos Joseph Fourier

    Atos Joseph Fourier 1st Prize

    In the category numerical simulation - intensive computing :
    Elie Hachem and the CFL team, receive the 2019 Atos Joseph Fourier 1st Prize for their work on anisotropic parallel meshing combined with immersion methods for complex simulations in fluid mechanics.

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    M. Isard WoM scientifc Prize winner 2019

    Ken Ludema Best Paper Award

    This prize has been awarded to Manon ISARD, PhD student, at the 22nd International Conference on Wear, Miami, USA, April 14-18, 2019, for her paper "Third-body formation by selective transfer in a NiCr / AgPd electrical contact. Consequences on wear and remediation by a barrel tumble finishing"

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    Patrick Navard distinguished by the ACM

    American CHEMICAL Society Fellow

    Patrick Navard, Distinguished Investigator, receives this honorary distinction of Fellow from the Cellulose & Renewable Materials Division of the ACS, the American Chemical Society in recognition of the creation and leadership of the Polysaccharide Network of Excellence, EPNOE.

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    AWARDS IN 2018

    Nathalie Bozzolo, winner of the SF2M society scientific prize 2018

    SF2M society, Albert Portevin Medal

    This medal is awarded to Nathalie Bozzolo, teacher-researcher, for her scientific contribution to the fine and detailed analysis of microstructures to trace back to processes.

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    AWARDS IN 2017

    L. Druel Winner of the 2017 Innovation Award

    Innovation Prize of the "Engineer of the Future" Trophy and Imagin'Maïs Innovation Prize

    Two awards for Lucile Druel:

    - The Trophy for the Futur rewards her PhD work on bio-aerogels
    - The Imagin'Maïs prize is awarded to her work on starch aerogels during her internship at CEMEF.

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    M.A. Charpagne Winner of the Bodycote SF2M 2017 Science Award

    SF2M society Bodycote prize

    Marie-Agathe Charpagne, PhD student, receives the SF2M Bodycote prize for her thesis on the rheological and microstructural behaviour of a new y/y' nickel-based alloy during hot forging operations.

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    Marc Bernacki Winner of the 2017 Numerical Simulation Awards

    Numerical Simulation Trophies, Usine Digitale and Teratec

    The Trophy of the "Collaboration" category was awarded to Marc Bernacki, scientist, for the development of the DIGIMU software with the company Transvalor.

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    C. Bahbah Winner of the Best CSMA 2017 Poster Award

    Poster Award, Colloquium CSMA 2017

    Chahrazade BAHBAH, PhD student, was awarded the prize for the best poster at the CSMA conference, in Giens, May 15-19, 2017 for her thesis work on adaptive finite elements for the simulation of interfacial phenomena with phase change.

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    Mehdi Khalloufi, Tom Bell Scientifique Prize Awardee

    Tom Bell Award of the IFHTSE Association

    Mehdi KhalloufiPhD student, receives the Tom Bell Award from the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering for his thesis on the simulation of turbulent boiling during industrial quenching.

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    AWARDS IN 2016

    Lionel Fourment recipient of the ISAM prize

    ISAM Fellow

    Lionel Fourment, scientist, received the honorary distinction of Fellow of ISAM, the International Society of Agile Manufacturing.

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    M. Shakoor lauréat du prix scientifique de thèse CSMA 2016

    CSMA Best PhD Prize

    Prix de thèse 2016 de l'association CSMA

    Modesar SHAKOOR, PhD student, is the awardee of the Best PhD Prize of the Computational Structural Mechanics Association for his thesis work on the 3D numerical modelling of ductile fracture mechanisms at the microscopic scale.

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