Chairs and major projects

    Industrial Chairs and structuring scientific projects

    Industrial chairs and major projects are part of our structuring activities. They represent exceptional opportunities to develop large-scale research programs. Generally speaking, it should be noted that the scientific dynamics of the projects respond to concrete industrial needs.



    As underlines the National Research Agency on its site, the industrial chairs pursue three objectives :

    • Firstly, they structure collaborative research projects in strategic areas,
    • Secondly, Industrial Chairs allow internationally renowned researchers to work on an ambitious research program
    • Finally, they offer training through research to doctoral and post-doctoral students in academic laboratories...

    CEMEF teams have been setting up chair projects since 2008.

    Ongoing chairs at CEMEF

    Here are the three chairs currently in progress at the centre. All three have been set up with the help of the ANR.

    Logo Chaire Industrielle ANR Digimu

    • DIGIMU : Development of an Innovative and Global framework for the modeling of the evolutions of Microstructures intervening during metal forming processes.
      Seven industrial partners: Transvalor, ArcelorMittal, Areva, Ascometal, Aubert&Duval, CEA, Safran.

    Holder : Marc Bernacki

    >> DIGIMU Chair website

    Logo Chaire Industrielle ANR Infinity

    • INFINITY : Multi-scale frame for safe design of industrial hardening processes.
      Twelve industrial partners : ArcelorMittal, Aubert&Duval, Cefival, CMI, Faurecia, Framatome, Industeel, Lisi Aerospace, Montupet, Safran, SCC et Transvalor.

    Holder : Elie Hachem

    >> INFINITY Chair website

    Logo Chaire Industrielle ANR TOPAZE

    • TOPAZE : Optimization of the properties of y-y' superalloys by controlling the microstructure resulting from forming. It should be noted that the TOPAZE Chair is the second consecutive chair of the MSR team. It follows the OPALE chair. It will explore another aspect of the theme.
      Partners : Institut Pprime et SAFRAN.

    Holder : Nathalie Bozzolo

    TOPAZE Chair website

    completed chairs

    Two Chairs have now come to an end. They have had an impact important enough to mention them:

    • The Industrial Chair ANR OPALE : for optimization of the properties of polycrystalline nickel-based superalloys by controlling the microstructure resulting from shaping. Period: 2015-2019.
      Partners: Institut Pprime, Safran. Member: Nathalie Bozzolo
    • The Bioplastics Teaching and Research Chair : funded by MINES ParisTech and five industrial partners (Arkema, L'Oréal, Nestlé, PSA, Schneider Electric) between 2008-2015. Holder: Tatiana Budtova

    CEMEF is also involved in other chairs run by other research laboratories. One example is the Hutchinson DEEP Chair.


    CEMEF researchers are initiating structuring projects. They set up large-scale projects at national, European or even international level.

    Without mentioning them all, we present a few important projects in very different research fields.


    The EPNOE network is a European Polysaccharide Association. EPNOE was selected in 2005 by the European Commission as a Network of Excellence. Set up and animated by Patrick Navard since its beginnings, it evolved later as an association. EPNOE is currently the reference network on polysaccharides and polysaccharide-based products in Europe. It brings together 40 European entities, laboratories and companies. In 2019, Patrick Navard left the head of the association. Today it is Pedro Fardim from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, the new president of EPNOE.

    > Website of EPNOE


    Joint Laboratory OPALE

    Following the OPALE chair, the three partners, CEMEF, Institut Pprime and Safran, decided to set up a laboratory without walls to continue the collaborative activities. Thus the joint laboratory has retained the same purpose. Its research is therefore focused on optimizing the properties of forged parts by controlling the microstructures resulting from shaping.  A collaboration agreement runs from January 2019 for 4 years, renewable. The research programme runs until 2027. Eight theses will be launched during this period. This project is led by Nathalie Bozzolo and Marc Bernacki.



    MINDS federates 15 research centres (10 of MINES ParisTech et 5 of Mines de Saint Etienne, Albi, Douai, Alès and Telecom ParisTech). This ambitious project was selected by the Institute Carnot M.I.N.E.S.  which is piloting it and financing it to the tune of one million two euros.  MINDS is interested in the convergence of intensive computing and data science. It thus aims to create a joint digital research and development platform bringing together advances in both fields. Its objective is to revisit the current industrial production process and achieve near-real time on production lines.  Elie Hachem is at the origin of this major project, which will start in September 2018. It is scheduled to run until the end of 2021.



    AEROMINES is developing an intensive computing platform to simulate complex flows in cloud mode and in real time. Its objective is to offer an easy and fast access to small structures that also need calculations in the fluid-structure domain. This program was imagined, designed and implemented by Elie Hachem.


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