Being a trainee in a research centre is quite possible and it is even a great opportunity. Whether you are in engineering school or university, we offer subjects that match your background.

    Indeed, you will find here internships in relation with a company on projects with industrial issues. These projects have the advantage of giving you experience with both an industrial orientation and a research framework. We also offer laboratory internships with a more upstream research approach.

    Thus, each year, around twenty trainees are welcomed at CEMEF.

    Etudiant en stage au CEMEF


    As mentioned in the introduction, our projects propose two different orientations. You can do your internship either in relationship with a company to tackle an industrial problem, or you can tackle a more upstream research.  In both cases, it is important that you choose a project in line with your professional project.

    At CEMEF, trainees have :

    • quality supervision: more than 30 scientific supervisors and more than 20 engineers and technicians in 7 research teams.
    • of a real study and research project
    • computer hardware and a lot of high-performance equipment.
    • of an important documentation center.
    • allowance according to conditions.
    • a privileged working and living environment in the Sophia Antipolis technology park.


    The diversity of topics is important. It stems directly from the multidisciplinary nature of the scientific fields addressed at CEMEF. The courses we offer are generally at M2 level or the end of engineering school studies. Their duration varies from a minimum of three months to six months.

    List of currently proposed projects

    (updated on 05/04/2024)

    "Stage ArcelorMittal Montataire : modélisation de diagrammes de phase cinétiques"
    >>detail [in french]
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    Modelling of lubrication during aluminum rolling.
    >> detail
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    "Mesure de la température de la bande et du cylindre lors du laminage à froid de tôles en alliages d’aluminium. Conséquences tribologiques."
    >> detail [in french]
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    Your application can only be submitted online. CEMEF has set up a form to be completed online. Make a single application, even if several subjects have caught your attention.

    For information, the agreements are drawn up either by Armines, a contractual research association, or by MINES ParisTech.