Preparing a PhD at CEMEF

    You have decided to prepare a PhD. Because you are interested in research, because you are considering an academic career or because your professional project requires a high level of expertise. You have decided to do a doctorate.  Generally speaking, the doctorate at CEMEF is based on the engineering culture of Mines Paris. The approach is therefore oriented towards industry. The objective is often to bring a detailed scientific understanding to an industrial issue. The doctorate thus constitutes a real professional experience.

    To sum up, our doctoral projects are conducted in one of the following three configurations: in direct partnership with industry, within the framework of industrial chairs or consortia, or within the framework of projects financed by the National Research Agency or the European Commission.

    Présentation orale en amphithéatre doctorat CEMEF

    Why prepare a PhD at CEMEF?

    Generally speaking, here is how thesis projects at CEMEF are organised.

    First of all, PhD students join one of the research teams and benefit from the supervision of researchers specialising in the themes of their thesis. They also receive support from research support staff (engineers and technicians).

    Secondly, doctoral students have access to computer and hardware/cluster resources in order to carry out their thesis project.

    Then, transverse trainings in particular in the fields in coherence with their professional project in communication, networks, scientific English, team animation, project management... are proposed to them. Thus, each one has a personalized training plan.

    Finally, the financing of the thesis is assured. Each student receives a salary during the three years of the thesis. Its gross annual amount is about 27k€ (except for CIFRE projects whose salary is fixed by the company).

    Doctorate and doctoral specialties

    CEMEF doctorates are part of the SFA Doctoral School - Fundamental and Applied Sciences - n°364, co-accredited by the University Côte d'Azur and PSL Research University, attached to Mines Paris.

    There are two doctoral programs at CEMEF :

    The thesis work leads to the writing of a manuscript and the defense of the thesis.
    The diploma awarded is a PhD from the Research University Paris Sciences & Letters - PSL Research University, prepared at Mines Paris.

    Application Information

    Applications are made exclusively online. Please complete the online application form the online application form to which you will need to attach :
    . - your CV*
    - official and detailed transcript of marks from your last years of studies
    - 1 or 2 letters of recommendation (professor or supervisor)
    *mandatory document to validate the application, the other documents can be sent later.

    Doctoral admission requirements

    To be a doctoral candidate, you must hold either a national master's degree or another degree conferring the degree of master, or an engineering degree, or equivalent Bac+5.
    There must also be a match between the candidate's curriculum and the discipline of the proposed doctoral program.

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    More generally, why do a thesis?

    If you are unsure about your choice to pursue a thesis, or if you are wondering about its relevance, here are some answers.

    The doctorate is a training in research and through research. But it is also a professional research experience. The doctorate is the highest degree in higher education. And as a result, the title of doctor is the most internationally recognized.

    → Doing a thesis is a real asset to access careers with high responsibilities in the international business world.

    → A sign of excellence on the job market, it is necessary for any academic research project.

    The thesis lasts three years and requires a personal investment by each doctoral student. Your thesis is your project and you are piloting it. Your supervisors are there to help you but you are autonomous and responsible for the value you want to give it. It is important to have this motivation to embark on the adventure that the thesis represents.