Defended PhD

    CEMEF has been supporting doctoral theses since 1976. With more than 500 theses defended, the list of doctors from the centre is substantial. It should be noted that not all manuscripts are accessible online, but thanks to ParisTech's online thesis deposit tool, PASTEL, you can access a large collection of theses defended at CEMEF.

    You can also see below the list of the latest theses defended at the centre.

    Thèse soutenue au CEMEF en 2019


    Dylan HABANS, June 17, 2024 : A contribution to the material design of polymer-based photovoltaic modules: thermomechanical studies, finite element models and prototyping. Supervision : Jean-Luc Bouvard

    Nathan SYLVESTRE, April 24, 24 : Effects of multiple mechanical recycling on PET blowability. Supervision : Jean-Luc Bouvard

    Nitish CHANDRAPPA, Feb. 8, 24 : A global level-set based full-field numerical framework to simulate diffusive solid-state phase transformation in polycrystalline metallic materials
    Supervision : Marc Bernacki

    Marion ROTH, Feb. 6, 24 : Extension of a discontinuous dynamic recrystallization mean-field model to high strain rates on 316L steel
    Supervision : Marc Bernacki and Nathalie Bozzolo


    Marion NEGRIER, Dec. 13, 23 : From textile waste to cellulose aerogels for controlled release applications.
    Supervision : Tatiana Budtova, Elise El Ahmar, Romain Sescousse et Martial Sauceau

    George EL HABER, Dec. 11, 23 : Applied Deep Learning for the Prediction of Fluid Flows and Multiphysics Modeling
    Supervision :  Elie Hachem, Aurélien Larcher, David Ryckelynck

    Louis Vincent BOUTHIER, Dec. 1st, 23 : Models and simulation of thermal-acoustic coupling in complex fluids
    Supervision : Elie Hachem, Romain Castellani

    Cynthia HAYEK, Nov. 24, 23 : Modeling and high-fidelity simulation of the Lost Foam Casting process
    Supervision : Rudy Valette, Elie Hachem

    Wassim ABDEL NOUR, Nov. 23, 23 : Topology Optimization of High Efficiency Heat Exchangers using the Level Set Method and Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation
    Supervision : Elie Hachem, Philippe Meliga

    Victor CLAVERIE, October 17, 23 : Study of the thermo-mechanical and fracture behaviour of iron oxide scales at room temperature and at high temperature
    Supervision : Pierre Montmitonnet, Karim Inal and Alain Burr

    Jesus-Oswaldo GARCIA CARRERO, October 11, 23 : Error estimators and adaptive anisotropic remeshing in 3D coupled electromagnetic modelling - Application to electromagnetic material processing
    Supervision : François Bay and José Alves (Transvalor)

    Ilusca SOARES JANEIRO, June 30, 23 : Evolutions of γ' phase precipitates during forging operations of René 65 alloy
    Supervision : Nathalie Bozzolo AND Jonathan Cormier, Institut P'

    Tianqi HUANG, June 28, 23 : Characterization and modeling of the mechanical behavior of PE-vitrimers
    Supervision : Jean-Luc Bouvard and Yannick Tillier

    Théophile CAMUS, May 23, 23 : Modeling of microstructures generated in additive manufacturing by LPBF process of a nickel based alloy
    Supervision : Charles-André Gandin, Gildas Guillemot and Oriane Senninger

    Coraline CHARTIER, March 17, 23 : Chitosan-based aerogels and cryogels for wound healing applications
    Supervision : Tatiana Budtova, Sytze Buwalda and Benjamin Nottelet (Institut de Biomolécules Max Mousseron)

    Matheus BROZOVIC GARIGLIO, February 2nd, 23 : A multiscale study of microstructural evolutions in hot-deformed two-phase titanium alloys
    Supervision : Nathalie Bozzolo and Daniel Pino Munoz

    Akaash PATIL, Febureary 1st, 23 : Deep Learning-Assisted Modelling of Turbulence in Fluids
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Jonathan Viquerat

    Ghaniyya MEDGHOUL, January 16, 23 : A posteriori error estimation and adaptive control for a finite element solver framework with dynamic remeshing: application to quenching process
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Aurélien Larcher


    Emile HAZEMANN, December 19, 22 : Study of recrystallized grains occurence in single crystal nickel-based superalloys for turbine blades application
    Supervision : Charles-André Gandin, Michel Bellet and Yancheng Zhang et Karim Inal

    Yijian WU, December 13, 22 : Developments and applications of a multi-scale numerical method coupling the Cellular Automaton and Parabolic Thick Needle methods for the prediction of dendritic grain structures
    Supervision : Charles-André Gandin and Oriane Senninger

    Sacha EL AOUAD, December 13, 22 : Numerical and parallel modeling of anisotropic fitted mesh for industrial quenching applications
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Aurélien Larcher

    Victor GRAND, December 5, 22 : Characterization and modeling of zircaloy-4 recrystallization during hot forming
    Supervision : Marc Bernacki

    Joe KHALIL, November 22, 22 : Modeling fluid solid coupling with residual and thermoelastoplastic stresses analysis and optimization
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Elisabeth Massoni

    Laura MONTALBAN, November 8, 2 : Experimental study of wear of elastomers at elevated temperature: application to power transmission belts
    Supervision : Pierre Montmitonnet and Imène Lahouij

    Joël KEUMO TEMATIO, October 27, 22 : Efficient thermomechanical model of DED process by inherent strain method
    Supervision : Michel Bellet and Yancheng Zhang

    Corentin PERDERISET, October 14, 22 : Study of the adhesion mechanisms in a titanium / composite bonded joint with consideration of environmental aging
    Supervision : Pierre Montmitonnet, Frédéric Georgi and Jean-Luc Bouvard

    Lucas RAVIX, September 2nd, 22 : Multi-scales modelisation of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing : from CMT process to large dimensions parts
    Supervision : Michel Bellet, Charles-André Gandin, Yancheng Zhang and Gildas Guillemot

    Tiphaine HOUDARD, July 13, 22 : Thermo-mechanical analyses of the solidification of electrofused alumina-zirconia-silica refractory blocks
    Supervision : Franck Pigeonneau and Charles-André Gandin

    Clément LAUGT, July 12, 22 : Mechanical behavior of a polyamide 6,6 subjected to thermo-hydro-glycol ageing ; Microstructure-property relationships
    Supervision : Jean-Luc Bouvard and Noëlle Billon

    Han WANG, July 8, 22 : Study of the solidification of lipsticks and the resultant mechanical behavior. Application of numerical simulation to the forming process
    Supervision : Michel Bellet and Séverine A.E. Boyer

    Ali-Malek BOUBAYA, July 5, 22 : New interface capturing and boiling framework modeling for industrial cooling
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Aurélien Larcher

    Rémy GERARD, July 4, 22 : Fast, flexible surface to surface thermal radiative transfer for sintering applications
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Aurélien Larcher

    Mohamed MAHMOUD, June 30, 22 : A 3-D Multi-physics computational model for thin sheet metal forming processes : Application to deep drawing and magnetic pulse forming processes
    Supervision : François Bay and Daniel Pino Munoz

    Hassan GHRAIEB, June 24, 22 : On the coupling of deep reinforcement learning and computational fluid dynamics
    Supervision : Elie Hachem, Philippe Meliga and Jonathan Viquerat

    Ahmed Mehdi ROULA, May 20, 22 : Towards a better control of geometries produced by sheet forming process
    Supervision : Katia Mocellin and Pierre-Olivier Bouchard

    Ichrak RAHMOUN, May 19, 22 : Thermomechanical modelling of photovoltaic module manufacturing processes
    Supervision : Jean-Luc Bouvard and Pierre-Olivier Bouchard

    Marie-Anne VIDAL, May 4, 22 : Study of backward flow forming of tubes: development of an experimental and numerical analysis protocol
    Supervision : Katia Mocellin and Pierre-Olivier Bouchard

    Charles BRISSOT, April 14, 22 : Numerical and experimental study of boiling flows - Application to quenching
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Rudy Valette

    Brayan MURGAS, April 7, 22 : Towards a precise description of the grain boundary mobility and energy for their numerical integration in finite element modeling of recrystallization and grain growth mechanisms
    Supervision : Marc Bernacki and Nathalie Bozzolo

    Chengdan XUE, March 15, 2022 : Modeling of grain structure and hot cracking for arc welding processes
    Supervision : Charles-André Gandin, Michel Bellet and Gildas Guillemot

    Saoussen OUHIBA, February 22, 22 : Recrystallization of 6016 aluminum alloy during and after hot rolling
    Supervision : Nathalie Bozzolo and Marc Bernacki

    Junfeng CHEN, January 27, 2022 : Convolutional neural networks for steady flow prediction around 2D obstacles
    Supervision : Elie Hachem and Jonathan Viquerat

    Karen ALVARADO VARGAS, January 20, 22 : Grain growth under the influence of the Smith-Zener pinning phenomenon with an evolution of the second phase particles: multiscale approach and application to nickel-base superalloys
    Supervision : Marc Bernacki and Nathalie Bozzolo

    Hazem ELDAHSHAN, January 11, 2022 : 3D ductile damage to fracture transition based on phase field and mesh adaptation: application to metal forming processes
    Supervision : Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Daniel Pino-Munoz

    THESES DEFENDED between 2018 and 2021


    Clément RAIMBAULT , November 25, 21 : Foaming of polyurethane injected on a porous material Supervision: Patrice Laure, Michel Vincent and Séverine Boyer
    Ramy NEMER, November 23, 2021 : An adaptive immersed mesh method for fluid-structure interaction Supervision: Elie Hachem and Thierry Coupez
    David XU, November 4, 2021 : Thermomechanical analysis of the Fused Filament Fabrication process: Experimental and numerical investigations Supervision: Franck Pigeonneau
    Juhi SHARMA, October 22, 2021 : Microstructural evolutions during hot forging of VDM Alloy 780: mechanisms, kinetics and mean field modelling Supervision: Nathalie Bozzolo and Charbel Moussa
    Feng GAO, July 27, 2021: Characterization of metal constitutive behavior at high temperature and its application in modelling additive manufacturing SLM process. Supervision: Michel Bellet and Yancheng Zhang
    Alexis QUEVA, July 19, 2021: Numerical simulation of an Additive Manufacturing process. Supervision: Michel Bellet and Gildas Guillemot
    Gabriel MANZINALI, July 16, 2021: A stopping criterion for iterative linear solvers in the framework of anisotropic adaptive finite elements. Supervision: Elie Hachem, Youssef Mesri and Aurélien Larcher
    Diego URIBE SUAREZ, July 9, 2021: Combination of cohesive elements and remeshing to handle arbitrary crack path propagation: from brittle materials to thermal fatigue analysis of small solar system bodies. Supervision: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Daniel Pino Munoz + collaboration OCA
    Hanadi ETTROUDI, July 1st, 2021: Multiscale numerical modeling of solidification structures, macrosegregation and Columnar-to-Equiaxed transition. Supervision: Charles-André Gandin and Gildas Guillemot + collaboration MINES Nancy
    Jules BATON, June 4, 2021: Mean field simulation of the recovery and recrystallization of pure tantalum after cold deformation. Supervision: Nathalie Bozzolo and Charbel Moussa
    Yoan BOUSSES, May 5, 2021: Prediction and modeling of mechanical properties of dental composites – experimental, theoretical and numerical approach. Supervision: Yannick Tillier
    Prashanth THIRUNAVUKKARASU, March 31, 2021: Analysis and development of laws of the behaviour of polymer matrices along the walls of an internal mixer. Supervision: Edith Peuvrel-Disdier and Rudy Valette
    Robin VALLEE, March 30, 2021: Suspension of inertial particles in turbulent flows. Supervision: Jérémie Bec and Elie Hachem
    Emilie FORESTIER, March 29, 2021: Processability of the polyethylene furandicarboxylate- biosourced polyester - for food packaging. Supervision: Noëlle Billon
    Pierre-François MOUGARD-CAMACHO, March 8, 2021: Rheological studies on ceramic pastes for the shaping of nuclear fuels by extrusion. Supervision: Rudy Valette and Romain Castellani
    Malik DURAND, January 18, 2021: Metallurgical mechanisms upon stress relaxation annealing of the AD730TM superalloy. Supervision: Nathalie Bozzolo


    Ayoub AALILIJA, December 21, 2020: Numerical modelling of chill cooling of levitated steel melts solidified in the International Space Station. Supervision : Charles-André Gandin
    Benoît WITTMANN, December 17, 2020: Materials and processes of the micro and macro texturation of floor covering surfaces, optical and tribological properties. Supervision : Pierre Montmitonnet
    Vincent MAGUIN, December 16, 2020: Multiphysic model of macrosegregation and development of freckles during solidification of single crystal turbine blades. Supervision : Charles-André Gandin
    David Alejandro RUIZ SARRAZOLA, December 7, 2020: Full field modeling of discontinuous dynamic recrystallization in a CPFEM context. Supervisor: Marc Bernacki
    Sebastian FLOREZ, November 30, 2020: Towards highly efficient massive-multidomain simulations in the context of microstructural evolution. Supervisor: Marc Bernacki
    Shitij ARORA, November 24, 2020: Steady state formulation of metal forming processes: contact coupling and treatment of history-dependent material models with unstructured meshes. Supervisor: Pierre Montmitonnet
    Luiz DE PAULA PEREIRA, November 12, 2020: Mechanisms of oxygen bubble formation in a glass melt in the nuclear waste vitrification context. Supervisor: Franck Pigeonneau
    Shaojie ZHANG, February 25, 2020: Numerical simulation of mechanical interactions between liquid and solid phase in solidification processes. Supervisor: Michel Bellet
    Chahrazade BAHBAH, January 29, 2020: Advanced numerical methods for the simulation of the industrial quenching process. Supervisor: Elie Hachem
    Julien FAUSTY, January 23, 2020: Prediction and simulation of thermal twinning using finite element analysis full field modelling - Applications to nickel based superalloys. Supervisors: Nathalie Bozzolo et Marc Bernacki


    Manon Isard, December 17, 2019 : Formation mechanisms of 3rd body and tribological behaviour of electrical sliding contacts. Supervisors: Pierre Montmitonnet and Imène Lahouij
    Catheline Cazako, December 3, 2019 : New protective coating for resistive component for thin layer. Supervisor: Karim Inal
    Alexis Nicolaÿ, November 21, 2019 : Microstructure and properties of Inconel 718 DA screw press forged at subsolvus temperature. Supervisor: Nathalie Bozzolo
    Adrian Pineau, Novembre 21, 2019 : 3D cellular automaton modeling of grains structures. Application to dendritic growth competition and cristallization of polycristaline silicon Supervisor : Charles-André Gandin
    Anthony Seret, October 14 , 2019 : Influence of forming on the kinetics of hardening precipitation in nickel-based superalloys Inconel® 625 and AD730™. Supervisors: Nathalie Bozzolo and Marc Bernacki
    Pierrick Rambaud, September 23, 2019 : Computational modelling of post machining distortions of aluminium aeronautical parts: application to thin walls. Supervisor: Katia Mocellin
    Romain Fleurisson, August 26, 2019 : Development of a parallel multi-scale model of dendritic growth coupling the FEM (Finite Element Method) and CAPTN (Cellular Automaton Parabolic Thick Needles). Supervisor: Charles-André Gandin
    Sophie Groult, May 28, 2019 : Pectin aerogels: advanced materials for thermal insulation and drug delivery. Supervisor: Tatiana Budtova
    Lucile Druel, May 10, 2019 : Nanoporous organic and hybrid cellulose-based aerogels. Supervisor: Tatiana Budtova
    Ghalia Guiza, May 3, 2019 : Reliable and Adaptive CFD Framework for Airship Design. Supervisor: Elie Hachem
    Alban Bazile, April 25,2019 : Variational adaptive finite element formulation and massively parallel computing for aerothermal industry applications. Supervisors: Elie Hachem and Youssef Mesri


    Abdelouahed CHBIHI, December 3, 2018 : Understanding and tensorial modelling of void closure during hot metal forming processes. Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard ,Marc Bernacki and Daniel Pino Muñoz
    Qiang CHEN, April 10, 2018 : Thermomechanical numerical modelling of additive manufacturing by selective laser melting of powder bed - Application to ceramic materials. Supervisor: Michel Bellet
    Carlos Eloy Federico FERNANDEZ, June 18, 2018 : Study and modelling of the thermomechanical behavior of amorphous polymers with controlled molecular weights and crosslinking degree. Supervisor: Noëlle BILLON
    Fabien GOLDSPIEGEL, June 18, 2018 : Numerical simulation of the High Speed Nailing process to join dissimilar materials. Supervisor: Katia Mocellin
    Ludovic MAIRE, November 23, 2018 : Development by homogenization of a new mean field dynamic recrystallization (DRX) model. Supervisors: Marc Bernacki, Nathalie Bozzolo and Charbel Moussa
    Danai POLYCHRONOPOULOU, July 19, 2018 : Spheroidization in titanium alloys: experimental analysis and numerical modeling. Supervisors: Nathalie Bozzolo and Marc Bernacki
    Victor Manuel TREJO NAVAS, December 20, 2018 : Understanding, Observation, Modeling and Simulation of Ductile Damage Mechanisms. Thesis Master: Daniel Pino Muñoz Supervisors: Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Marc Bernacki
    Suzanne VERNIER, December 17, 2018 : Microstructural evolution of the AD730TM Nickel-base superalloy during the industrial forging process. Supervisor: Nathalie Bozzolo

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