Postgraduate programs

    High-level and specialized training in one year

    The postgraduate programs are accredited by the Conference of High Schol (CGE). This association, which brings together more than 200 High School, plays an essential role. It guarantees the quality of the programmes of the postgraduate programs. Indeed, in order to receive its label, the training must respect its principles: excellence, professional integration, international opening, adequacy with the job market.

    CEMEF offers two full-time postgraduate programs. The content of both courses is based on the centre's scientific expertise. They are in line with the needs of the industrial environment.

    Diplômés Mastères Spécialisés de MINES ParisTech

    Why prepare a post-master degree?

    Generally speaking, preparing a specialized master's degree is an opportunity to hone your skills in a field or to acquire a double skill. Its formula is very effective. The MS year is divided into two distinct periods. Firstly, during the first six months, you follow courses, industrial conferences or seminars. You also work on projects and case studies. Then, you apply the skills you have acquired during the internship. For the next six months, you work full-time on your industrial project. This work is the subject of a professional thesis and an oral defense before a jury.  Finally, and if all the conditions are validated, you are a graduate of a Specialised Masters at MINES ParisTech and hold a Bac+6 diploma.

    This year is a very good springboard into the business world. As the CGE points out, the course offers graduates the value of a highly professional training programme.

    CEMEF's Postgraduate programs offer

    To begin with, it should be noted that CEMEF has been providing Specialised Masters training since 1987. It has organised several of them up to now and has developed its offer to keep as close as possible to industrial needs. The two Specialised Masters courses now open continue in this logic of developing the skills sought after in today's industrial environment.

    To sum up, here are the Specialised Masters that you will find at CEMEF :

    MS  HPC – AI :

    High Performance Computing - Artificial Intelligence

    The MS HPC-AI focuses on high performance computing, the digital processing of massive data to develop intelligent systems capable of learning and prediction. It responds to the market's strong need for skills that combine high-performance computing - simulation AND data analysis.

    The pedagogical approach favours training through projects and workshops co-supervised with professionals.

    Access to the MS HPC - AI website

    MS  MAPMOD :

    Digital Materials & Advanced Processes Modelling

    CEMEF puts its expertise in materials, forming and numerical simulation of forming processes at the service of MS MAPMOD. The training is oriented towards the problems of materials in the manufacturing industry. This concerns the production of equipment and high value-added products for sectors such as aeronautics, energy or the automotive industry....

    Access to the MS MAPMOD website