Research Teams

    There are seven research teams at CEMEF. They are grouped around four scientific divisions. On this page, you will have a summary overview of their activities. You will also be able to access detailed presentations of each of the research teams.

    Numerical Mechanics and Physics Division


    Leader : Elie Hachem
    The CFL team aims to develop new numerical methods and new techniques with a wide range of applications.

    Computational Solid Mechanics * CSM

    Leader : Katia Mocellin
    The CSM team develops numerical methods, mechanical models and methodologies applied to problems in solid mechanics.

    Metal Alloys Division

    Metallurgy, microSTRUCTURE, Rheology * MSR

    Leader : Nathalie Bozzolo
    The MSR team is working on the microstructure evolutions induced by the solid state thermomechanical shaping of metallic materials.

    Metallurgy, Mechanics, Structures & Solidification * 2MS

    Leader : Charles-André Gandin
    It is of paramount importance to master the structure of materials for the control of properties under various mechanical, physical or chemical constraints.

    Polymers and Composites Division

    BIO-based polymers and composites * BIO

    Leader : Tatiana Budtova
    The BIO team uses its fundamental knowledge of biosourced polymers to develop new materials with new functionalities in various fields.

    Physical mechanics of Industrial Polymers * MPI

    Leader : Jean-Luc Bouvard
    The MPI team develops theoretical and experimental means and methods at the interface between the mechanics and physics of polymers.

    Processes, SURFACES, FUNCTIONALITY Division

    Processes, Surfaces, Functionality * PSF

    Leader : Pierre Montmitonnet
    The PSF team analyzes the microscopic mechanisms of interaction of a surface (or interface) with its environment to improve the properties of a system (optimization of surface materials, surface treatment, coating, lubrication).


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