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    Training courses offered at CEMEF: doctorate, specialised master's degree, post-doctorate, master's degree, trainings

    It is essential for us that the training we offer is directly linked to our research activities. This is why we have two research training paths: the doctorate and the specialized master. We also offer internships for students at the end of their studies. We also recruit every year endowments for post-doctoral stays. It is also important to underline our participation in the M2 curriculum of the Master P3M carried by the Université Côte d'Azur.

    Generally speaking, our training offers have in common to bring a professional dimension. More precisely, their dynamics stem from our strong link with the industrial environment.

    Finally, it should be said that our center is used to welcoming and supervising students. In fact, nearly fifty students arrive at CEMEF each year to follow one of our training courses.

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    You have just finished your studies and are a graduate of an engineering school or a Master 2. You have decided, after careful consideration, to follow further training at the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

    CEMEF offers two types of training in the following specialities: materials science and engineering, mechanics, numerical mechanics, applied mathematics, high-performance computing: doctorate and postgraduate programs.


    Training in and through research Doctoral students carry out their research project in 3 years. At CEMEF, there are two doctoral programmes:
    - in Digital Mechanics and Materials

    - in Numerical Mathematics, Intensive Computing & Datas

    Postgraduate programs

    One-year post-graduate additional and/or specialization training. It is a complete course with 6 months of classes and 6 months of internship.
    - MS Digital Materials & Advanced Processes Modelling * MAPMOD

    - MS High-Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence * HPC-AI


    If you have defended your thesis and are planning to continue your research, you will find proposals for post-doctoral projects. Indeed, the Centre's research teams offer postdoctoral stays on a very regular basis.

    You are in the process of training. Namely: each year, CEMEF welcomes around twenty students in internship.

    Postdoctoral fellowships

    The postdoctoral stay allows to enrich one's scientific experience. Postdoctoral projects are highly diverse due to the multidisciplinary nature of the research carried out at CEMEF. As a general rule, projects last for one year.
    >> See page and proposed post-doctoral projects


    The internship subjects are either on an industrial issue or on an upstream research study. Their duration varies from 3 to 6 months for students at the end of the course, over a period from February to September.

    >> See page and proposed internship topics

    There is also the training in Master. This is not directly organised by the centre, but CEMEF is largely involved in the Physical path of Materials, Mechanics and Modeling (P3M) of the Master Science and Engineering of Materials programme run by the Université Côte d'Azur (UCA).


    60 students at CEMEF

    more than 10 nationalities

    +1000 alumni

    +500 theses defended