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    Permanent staff

    Tatiana Budtova  (CV)  (publ.)
    Severine Boyer  (CV)
    Sijtze Buwalda  (CV)  (publ.)
    Patrick Navard  (CV)  (publ.)
    Thierry Colin

    Research domains

    Polymer solutions and gels
    Composites reinforced with natural fibers
    All-cellulose composites
    Porous materials
    Drug delivery
    Complex fluids: blends, suspensions
    3D printing


    Processing of polysaccharides via dissolution
    Reinforcing thermoplastics
    Building and construction
    Agro, food, cosmetics


    Our goal is to advance the fundamental knowledge on the structure and properties of biobased as well as some synthetic polymers in order to develop innovative functional materials.


    03-2020 Laurianne Legay joined the BIO group as a PhD student to work on the ANR JCJC project '3D-AER-HYAL' focusing on hyaluronic acid aerogels for wound dressing applications. Welcome!

    04-2021 The BIO group published 7 articles so far in 2021. More details can be found here!

    Academic projects

    3D-AER-HYAL: 3D printing of hyaluronic acid aerogels as on-demand removable wound dressings (March 2021 - February 2024)
    The objective of this project is the preparation of on-demand removable, hyaluronic acid-based aerogels obtained by additive manufacturing for application as wound dressings which are capable of releasing biologically active agents. The project is at the interface of materials science (biobased polymers, aerogels, 3D printing), chemistry (polymer functionalization) and biomedical applications (wound dressings, controlled release).  The project is funded by the ANR JCJC scheme.

    3D printing of biobased polymer aerogels for biomedical applications (October 2019 - September 2022)
    The objective of this project is the 3D printing of bio-aerogels and evaluation of their use as drug-releasing wound dressings. This highly interdisciplinary project is carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Biomolecules Max Mousseron (IBMM), Montpellier, which has extensive experience in the domain of medical devices and controlled release systems. The project is funded by the CNRS 'transversal thesis' program.

    Oligosaccharidic (multi)block copolymers with tunable composition (November 2017 - October 2021)
    The main objective of the project is to widen the possibilities of creating new chemical structures from oligosaccharide blocks by preparing and studying the properties of a new class of (multi)block copolymers based exclusively on the assembly of oligosaccharides bearing different properties. After preparation and thorough characterization, the structure of these block copolymers is related with their physical, physico-chemical and mechanical properties. Collaborations with Université de Picardie et Université de Lyon. The project is funded by the ANR PRC scheme.

    Industrial projects

    Starch porous materials for controlled delivery (started February 2019)
    The objective is to prepare, characterize and understand if and how porous materials from starch can be used as delivery matrices.

    Biomass For the Future (November 2014 - October 2021)
    BFF aims at the development of cropping systems and new varieties of sorghum and miscanthus as well as new markets: energy (heat and methane), polymer composites for the automotive industry and load bearing miscanthus concrete blocks for construction. One of the objectives is to define the optimal combination of raw materials / valorisation thanks to the association of specialists in plant biology, ecophysiology, genomics, material science, life cycle analysis, agronomists, breeders, farmers and process engineers.

    Collaborative project with multiple partners (CNES, Photonic Ass., CEA, Ecole Polytechnique, XFEL, ENSTA, Pardubice University, HiLase, Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences) (2015 - …)

    Collaborative project with Treves and Transvalor (2016 - …)

    Collaborative project with Christian Dior Parfums and Transvalor (2016 - …)

    Industrial partners

    Luxottica                     Treves
    Roquette                     CNES
    Dior                                Transvalor
    PSA                                 CEA
    Addiplast                     Faurecia

    On going PhD projects

    • Sujie YU : Experimental studies of the formation of gels and aerogels (dry gels) based on natural polymers, cellulose and these industrial derivatives (methyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose). Class of 2021 + CFL team
    • Alan JULIEN : Hydrothermal carbonization applied to plant residues from the perfume industry. Class of 2020
    • Marion NEGRIER : From textile waste to cellulose aerogels for controlled release applications. Class of 2020
    • Coraline CHARTIER : 3D printing of biobased polymer aerogels for biomedical applications. Class of 2019
    • Han WANG : Study of the solidification of lipsticks and the resultant mechanical behavior. Application of numerical simulation to the forming process. Class of 2018 + 2MS team
    • Clément RAIMBAULT : Foaming of polyurethane injected on a porous medium. Class of 2017 + CFL team