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Dislocation structures in cold deformed pure tantalum: evolutions and influences on recovery and recrystallization Jules Baton conducted his PhD work in MSR team, under the […]
Prediction and modeling of mechanical properties of dental composites - experimental, theoretical and numerical approach Yoan Boussès conducted his PhD work in CSM team, under the […]
Suspension of inertial particles in turbulent flows. Robin Vallée completed his thesis within the CFL team, under the direction of Elie Hachem and Jérémie […]
"Strain induced microstructure in PEF, a biobased polymer, upon uniaxial and biaxial stretching above the α-relaxation" Emilie Forestier completed her thesis within the MPI […]
Analysis of the interfacial flow behavior of polymers along the walls of an internal mixer     Prashanth Thirunavukkarasu completed his thesis within the CFL team, under the […]
Rheological studies on ceramic pastes for the shaping of nuclear fuels by extrusion Pierre-François Mougard-Camacho completed his PhD thesis under the supervision of Rudy Valette and […]
Coraline Chartier is a 2nd year doctoral student in the BIO team at CEMEF. She has just received the Best Poster Award at the Virtual Conference organised by the EPNOE association. The 4th EPNOE […]
Jean-Marc Haudin, Professor Emeritus and Scientific Advisor at CEMEF, has just been elected "Fellow 2021"* of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS). This award is in recognition of his […]
Congratulation Brayan Murgas! This image is both scientifically meaningful and aesthetically very successful. No wonder it caught the public's interest when it was awarded the "Arts […]