Postdoctoral fellowships

    Information on postdoctoral stays at CEMEF

    Every year, CEMEF offers post-doctoral opportunities on complex physical and digital themes in its research areas. Generally speaking, post-doctoral projects meet a specific objective. Indeed, they may aim to deepen knowledge and techniques mastered in an industrial context.  Or, they may focus on a more exploratory upstream theme. In any case, there is a great diversity in our post-doctoral proposals. This diversity stems in fact from the scientific multidisciplinarity of the centre's research teams.

    If you have defended your thesis and you wish to pursue it in an academic organization, it is undeniable that a post-doctoral project will enrich your scientific experience.

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    Doing your postdoc at CEMEF

    Recruitment is open to doctors. Usually the proposed projects have a duration of one year.

    Doing your post-doctorate at CEMEF means first of all that you will be joining one of CEMEF's research teams. You will be involved in the life of the team. But you will also have complete autonomy to manage the research associated with your subject. We will provide you with the computer and material resources you need to complete your project.

    You will also have the opportunity to publish and take part in conferences.

    Finally, you will receive a gross annual salary of approximately 36k€.

    Postdoctoral application

    Recruitment is open all year round depending on the projects to be filled. To apply, submit your application via the online form.

    Non-discrimination, inclusiveness and transparency
    Mines Paris-PSL CEMEF is fully engaged in supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion within its centre. We encourage applications from a variety of backgrounds, which we will ensure are selected through an open and transparent recruitment process.

    Post-doctoral recruitment

    Here is the list of projects currently available:

    (last update:4/03/2023)

    Understanding and preventing toxic Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) formation in commonly used plastic parts
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    Grain size control during solutioning after forging of a powder metallurgy nickel base superalloy
    Key-words : Physical metallurgy, Recrystallization and Grain Growth, Nickel based superalloy, Experiments and Modelling.
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    CPU time improvement for incremental forming.
    Key-words : Finite elements, numerical methods, computational mechanics, scientific programmation, metal forming.
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