Surfaces and Polymers – S&P

    Welcome to the web page of the Surfaces & Polymers research group at CEMEF, Mines Paris - PSL.

    Our research is devoted to experiments and modeling of surfaces and polymers, from formulation to tribology, physics, chemical physics, and mechanics.

    Our objectives are:

    • to understand, characterize and model the mechanical behavior of polymers and composites from solid to rubbery states
    • to advance the fundamental knowledge on the structure and properties of polymers to develop innovative functional materials for health and environment
    • to develop microscopic approaches of surface or interface interactions with its environment to control system durability: optimization of materials’ surface, surface treatment, coating, and lubrication.


    Jean-Luc BOUVARD
    Tatiana BUDTOVA
    Sijtze BUWALDA
    Thierry COLIN
    Christelle COMBEAUD
    Lionel FREIRE
    Frédéric GEORGI
    Imène LAHOUIJ
    Emeritus researcher
    Patrick NAVARD
    Emeritus researcher

    On going PhD projects

    • From solution to aerogel: understanding of cellulose transformations to control material properties
    • Bio-based porous materials for bones regeneration
    • 3D printing of gels and aerogels for biomedical applications
    • A contribution to the material design of polymer-based photovoltaic modules: thermomechanical studies, finite element models and prototyping
    • Effects of multiple mechanical recycling on the blowability of PET: indicators of material variability
    • Understanding and preventing toxic Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) formation in commonly used plastic parts
    • Multi-scale study of the selective laser sintering (SLS) process of polymers: from characterization to numerical modelling
    • Generation and homogenization of Representative Elementary Volumes (REVs) for discontinuous fiber composites: towards a better understanding of local deformation and damage mechanisms
    • Thermal super-insulating bio-aerogels for energy saving
    • Upcycling orange agro-industrial side-streams into porous materials as carriers for phase change materials
    • 3 on-going PhDs on Thermal and tribological modelling of 3 different cold rolling processes
    • 2 on-going PhDs on stray electric current interaction with e-Vehicle lubricant formulation including oxide nanoparticles
    • aging mechanisms of Ti alloy / organic matrix composite adhesive bonding
    • Micro- and macro-texturing of PU-coated PVC floor tiles : materials, processes, optical and tribological properties
    • Third body formation mechanisms and tribological behaviour of sliding electric contacts