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    Our missions as a research centre are first and foremost research and research training. There is also partnership research. Indeed, since our beginnings, participating in industrial developments through our research work has been part of our DNA. This orientation gives an essential dynamic to the scientific advances of our teams.

    The majority of our research activities are therefore carried out in close partnership with the economic world. We respond to the needs of companies in terms of innovation and development. And our work is globally in line with strategies for the industry of the future.



    We present here the different types of collaboration possible. They vary depending on the type of research project you have.


    Thesis projects are carried out over a period of three years.  They allow in-depth research actions.

    There are three different ways of putting together a thesis:

    • Your company finances CEMEF entirely. And it is CEMEF that is responsible for employing and remunerating the doctoral student.
    • you make a CIFRE agreement and you are the student's employer. Your company finances and pays the supervision and laboratory fees to CEMEF
    • You are joining or proposing a consortium of industrialists to finance the project.

    Post-doctoral fellowships

    Postdoctoral fellowships generally range from 12 to 18 months. They are a good means for shorter-term research actions. Overall, they allow for specific developments.

    Postgraduate programs

    During the specialized master's training, students have a 6-month project to complete. They work on this study in the second part of the course. It should be noted that the specialized master's degree is open to students with five years of higher education. They therefore already have a good level of expertise.

    Learn more about CEMEF's postgraduate programs


    Each year, we welcome about twenty students for internships at the end of their studies, either in their last year of engineering school or in M2 research.

    Internships are generally for six months. They are interesting for very short-term application subjects. They can also be useful to initiate a project easily before considering a longer study.

    CRAM 06, facilities platform

    The CRAM 06 is an experimental platform attached to CEMEF. It provides companies with access to some of CEMEF's experimental facilities. The studies are ad hoc and enable analysis, observations and characterisation to be carried out.

    This formula is interesting for evaluating an idea, carrying out a feasibility study as a preliminary to a research project or for solving an R&D problem.

    access the CRAM 06



    Start dates differ according to the type of project.

    • The PhD students start at the beginning of October. It happens that some thesis are written at another date.
    • For post-docs, there's no particular constraint.
    • Specialized Masters students begin their training at the beginning of October. Their internship period runs from April to September.
    • Internships usually take place from February to July.
    • Well, studies with CRAM 06 can be done all year round.


    Our research contracts are managed by Armines, the contractual research association linked by agreement to Mines Paris.

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