Research support

    Research support teams

    At CEMEF, three services support research. They work closely with the research teams. CEMEF's support functions cover a wide spectrum: from machine design to the management of computing resources and the financial and administrative management of projects. The staff of these teams will help with the implementation and developments necessary for scientific projects.

    Here is a presentation of our research support services.


    Equipe MEA soutien à la recherche

    The MEA team develops and maintains CEMEF's testing and experimentation resources, in conjunction with the laboratory's researchers. The prototypes developed concern all types of materials (metals, polymers, ceramics or bio-materials), studied in solid or fluid states.

    Keywords of the MEA team :

    • Manufacturing, machining
    • Mechanical design
    • Physical measurement
    • Instrumentation and control

    Applications: development of experimental prototypes

    Leader: Arnaud Pignolet
    Engineers and technicians : Serge Bonhomme, Marc Bouyssou, Erick Brotons, Guillaume Corvec, Francis Fournier


    The "Calculations and Software" team ensures the perfect functioning of the IT tools used for communication, software development, numerical simulation computations.
    Beyond its purely technical missions, the team is involved in informing and training users on the available hardware and functionalities.

    Keywords of the SCL team :

    • support, workstation,
    • Windows, Linux
    • Web, Ldap, Active Directory
    • HPC, computing, parallel
    • Fortran, C/C++, GIT

    Applications :

    • Assignment to each person of a computer workstation adapted to his activities.
    • Installation and administration of updated computing resources (including HPC Cluster and workstations)
      Websites commissioning
    • Management of user accounts and directories

    Leader: Carole Torrin
    Computer Engineers: Hallem Ben Aissa


    Equipe support administrative

    Six people make up the administrative team.

    Their fields of intervention:

    • administrative and financial management of research projects and the centre,
    • Researchers' travel management,
    • Student greeting,
    • internal and external communication,
    • organization of events and congresses of the center.

    Leader: Coralie Fischer
    Team: Nicolas Breichner, Valérie Lavoué, Sylvie Massol, Florence Morcamp

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