Physical mechanics of Industrial Polymers – MPI

    permanent members

    Jean Luc BOUVARD, head
    Noelle BILLON
    Christelle COMBEAUD
    Lionel FREIRE
    Gabriel MONGE

    research fields

    -Physical analysis and mechanical behavior of polymer / composite materials
    -Development and control of microstructures under stretching
    -Development of multi-scale strategies
    -Thermomechanical modeling of polymer / composite behavior


    -Functional polymers and composites:
    *Automotive and aeronautics
    *Renewable energies
    -Including bio-based and recycled polymers, elastomers, foams

    Main objectives of the team

    The objective of the team is to understand, characterize and model the mechanical behavior of polymers and composites from their solid to their rubbery states. This strategy is based on experimental methods and research equipment at the interface between mechanics and physics of polymers.

    Relationship between process conditions and microstructure evolution is one of our main research axes. One application is for instance stretch blow molding and thermoforming processes.

    Team's activity is also focused on the development and improvement of macroscopic physically based models used in finite element codes. The team develops multi-scale strategies through microstructure modeling to better understand structure-property relationships.

    The different lines of research

    Experimental mechanics applied to polymers: from the process ( e.g. extracting specimens in relation with specific microstructures) to final properties

    • At the solid state: thermomechanical behavior, material performance and lifetime
    • At the rubbery and viscous state: Stretching process; welding; additive manufacturing

    Mechanical/microstructural coupling and microstructures evolutions

    • Relation process– properties
    • Control of microstructure and texturation under stretching
    • Dimensional stability

    Physically-based modeling and digital mechanics

    • Development / improvement of macroscopic models established in a thermodynamic framework
    • Taking into account thermo-hydro-… -mechanical coupling
    • Improvement of existing models
    • Development of multi-scale strategies: modeling of the microstructure and structure-property relationships

    Examples of research work


    Experimental resources

    • Fast-cooling calorimeters, up to 500 ° C / min
    • Optical microscopy assisted by stages (rapid cooling, shearing, etc.)
    • X-ray diffraction at small and large angles; texture goniometer
    • Dynamical mechanical analyser (D.M.T.A)
    • Image correlation system (2D / 3D deformation field measurements) and Infrared thermography
    • Thermally controled biaxial stretching prototype
    • Thermomechanical fatigue bench
    • Free blow molding prototype

    "My Ph.D. is on the shaping of a bio-based material for food packaging. My subject is being explored both academically and industrially in an innovative way!"

    Emilie Forestier, PhD student at CEMEF

    Academic Relations :

    Institut Chimie Nice
    LMA, Centre des Matériaux

    Industrial Relations :

    Solvay, Michelin, Arkema, Hutchinson
    Danone, Avantium, Bel, Sidel
    CEA, Essilor, Salomon, IPC, Renault, Safran

    On going PhD projects

    • Vincent MESLIER : Towards an improvement of the reliability of Photovoltaic modules by coupled experimental and numerical approaches. Class of 2021 + CSM team
    • Alan TABORÉ : Modeling of residual stresses in an ophthalmic lens. Class of 2021 + CFL team
    • Dylan HABANS : Towards a better consideration of the recyclability of photovoltaic modules: from the choice of materials and associated processes to their end-of-life recovery. Class of 2020
    • Nathan SYLVESTRE : Mechanical recycling of PET bottles. Class of 2020
    • Laurianne VIORA : Stretchability of chemically recycled PET. Class of 2020
    • Zhongfeng XU : Multiscale study of polymer selective laser sintering (SLS) process: from characterization to numerical modelling. Class of 2020 + 2MS team