Open PhD positions

    List of thesis subjects to be filled at CEMEF (updated on 17/08/2023)

    Find all CEMEF PhD proposals on this page. The  PhD positions are offered on our two doctoral specialties: "Computational Mechanics and Materials - MNM" and "Computational Mathematics, High Performance Computing and Data - MathNum".

    Each year, there are between 15 to 20 PhD subjects available related to the scientific fields covered at CEMEF: forming processes, physical and numerical mechanics, materials and biomaterials, scientific computing. It is also important to note that each PhD project is part of an industrial issue that represents a real scientific challenge.


    Open PhD positions: specialty MNM

    "Computational Mechanics and Materials"

    Treatment with cold Piasma of fibers from bio-ressources: Towards a complete chain of bio-composite eco-design and use for Industry 4.0
    Keywords : Lignocellulosic fibers, Bio-sourced polymer composites, Cold plasma, Bio-eco-concept, Industry 4.0, Surfaces, Structural integrity, Numerical data optimization, Worthwhile and clean process

    Optimization of deep-drawing processes through a better prediction of elastic spring-back for complex loading paths
    Keywords : Sheet metal forming – Anisotropic Plasticity – FE Method – Non-proportional experimental testing
    >> detail

    Modelling of additive manufacturing processes
    – Application to low-loss magnetic alloys produced by 3D lamination

    Keywords : Additive Manufacturing, Solidification, Microstructure, Thermohydraulic modelling and CAFE
    >> detail

    Experimental design & thermo-mechanical modeling of HFQ process on AA2219 (CEMEF and Airbus)
    Keywords : thermomechanical process design, advanced numerical simulations, microstructure induce final properties
    >> detail

    Microstructure evolution during HFQ of AA2219 (CEMEF, CMAT and Airbus)
    Keywords : thermomechanical processing, plasticity, hardening precipitation, recrystallisation and recovery, microstructure characterization
    >> detail

    3D crack propagation in a CMO/CMO interface at the mesoscopic scale
    Keywords : CMO composite, crack propagation, numerical modeling
    >> detail

    Thermochemistry of powders for ingot casting
    Keywords : Ingot casting, casting powder, Solidification, Phase transformation, Front tracking, Thermodynamic coupling
    >> detail

    Finite element modeling of Hot Isostatic Pressing at the mesoscopic scale.
    Keywords: HIP process - Digital twins - HPC - Computational Metallurgy - Interface networks.
    >> detail

    Full-field modeling of solid-solid phase transformations, recrystallization and grain growth- Application to Nickel base superalloys and titanium alloys.
    Keywords : Digital twins - HPC - Computational Metallurgy - Interface networks - Front tracking and front capturing approaches - Nickel base superalloys alloys - Titanium alloys.
    >> detail

    Multi-scale modelling of the restructuring mechanisms of UO2 fuel at high burn-up.
    >> detail[in french]

    Thermal and tribological modelling of tube pilgering.
    Keywords: Cold tube pilgering, tribology, numerical modeling, Thermal transfer, adhesion, lubricants and additives.
    >> detail

    Numerical modeling of precipitation and optimization of “in situ” thermal treatments of LBM process on aerospace superalloys.
    Keywords: Modeling, solid-state precipitation, additive manufacturing.
    >> detail

    Open PhD positions: specialty MATHNUM

    "Computational Mathematics, High Performance Computing and Data."

    AI and digital twins in metallurgy
    Keywords: Digital twins , IA , Computational Metallurgy, Interface networks , Front tracking , ToRealMotion algorithms, Mesh based algorithms , Deep learning strategy.
    >> subject detail

    Application Form

    Applications are made exclusively online. Complete the online application form the online application form to which you will need to attach :
    - your CV*
    - official and detailed transcript of marks from your last years of studies
    - 1 or 2 letters of recommendation (professor or supervisor)
    *mandatory document to validate the application, the other documents can be sent later.

    Admission procedure

    Applications are carefully considered.

    We attach the greatest importance to the results, skills and motivations of the candidates. Fill out the online form with the utmost care, it's the way to distinguish your application among hundreds.

    The application is the first step in the selection process. It is followed by an interview before a selection board to assess the personal skills and knowledge of the candidates.

    Selection Conditions

    Non-discrimination, inclusiveness and transparency.

    MINES ParisTech CEMEF is fully engaged in supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion within its centre. We encourage applications from a variety of backgrounds, which we will ensure are selected through an open and transparent recruitment process.

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