Metallurgy in the spotlight with three SF2M 2020 awards

21 December 2020

Our students and researchers in the spotlight! SF2M rewards three colleagues in 2020.

Among the twelve SF2M winners of the year 2020 are Daniel Pino Muñoz, Alexis Nicolaÿ and Artur Alvarenga. CEMEF's metallurgy activity is honoured and rewarded.

Congratulations to our three winners: Daniel Pino Muñoz, Alexis Nicolaÿ and Artur Alvarenga. The award ceremonies should normally take place during the annual SF2M days. The ceremony finally took place virtually on 17 December 2020. This does not take anything away from the talents of our recipients!

Daniel Pino Muñoz is a researcher in the CSM team. He is the recipient of the Jean Rist 2020 Medal. His research work focuses on the development of numerical tools to simulate microstructural evolutions in crystalline materials.


Alexis Nicolaÿ is awarded the second Bodycote prize. He completed his thesis "Microstructures and properties of Inconel 718 DA forged in screw press in the delta subsolvus domain" at CEMEF, within the framework of the ANR-Safran OPALE industrial chair. Since July 2019, he has held the position of Research Engineer in 3D microstructure analysis. In particular, he is in charge of the development of techniques for characterising 3D microscopies using double beam microscopy. Alexis Nicolaÿ is a member of the MSR team.


Artur Alvarenga receives the ArcelorMittal Pierre Vayssière prize for his end-of-study internship project at CEMEF in the MSR team. Artur worked on the microstructural evolutions during the forming stages and their relationship with the final mechanical properties of components for the aeronautical field. In January 2021, Artur joined CEMEF to start a thesis under the supervision of Nathalie Bozzolo. This thesis will have an experimental component in order to provide an even more detailed understanding of the phenomenon of critical grain growth, but also a second part dedicated to the numerical simulation of these microstructural evolutions in the DIGIMU® software under development at CEMEF.
The SF2M awards in a few words :
  •  The JeanRist Medal is awarded to 4 young metallurgists who have distinguished themselves by their scientific work applied to materials
  •  The Bodycote Prize rewards innovative and application-oriented research and/or development work.
  •  The ArcelorMittal Pierre Vayssière Prize is awarded to a student who has completed an internship in an industrial or university laboratory.

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