Best presentation award for George El Haber at CFC2023

1 May 2023

Congratulations to George El Haber, 3rd year PhD student, whose research work has just been awarded.

George El Haber was distinguished at the international conference CFC2023. CFC is THE conference for the Computational Fluids community. Organised by the IACM, the international association of the field, the 22nd edition was held in Cannes from 25 to 28 April 2023. It made a fantastic return to France (after 40 years) with more than 600 participants, including 207 PhD students eligible for the prize.
CFC2023 decided to reward five PhD students for the quality of their oral presentation. George El Haber was one of the winners for his outstanding presentation on a "Graph Neural Network for Two-Fluid Flows". 
In his talk, he has discussed the different facets of integrating a deep learning model in the solution framework of multiphase flows. The success of such models nowadays in numerous fields has motivated him to investigate leveraging their capabilities for CFD problems, particularly for two-fluid flows. He has started his presentation by highlighting the importance of relying on a framework that caters to the specific requirements of such problems, mainly regarding the dynamically evolving discretization space and the monopoly of the flow equations on the computational burden. Then, he has provided all the details concerning our choice of the model and the various methods implemented for successfully incorporating it into the solution framework, along with some of the obtained results.
He published in the journal Physics of Fluids, Volume 35, Issue 2, February 2023: Deep learning model for two-fluid flows.

Here are few words of George about his experience at the conference:

For me, the most exciting part wasn't the presentation itself but rather the discussion that followed my presentation. Getting feedback from experienced researchers who you used to read their papers, all gathered in a single room, and being able to discuss with them and answer their concerns, really motivates you to build on your current work and work towards new objectives. In reality, the conference, as a whole, is going to be indeed a remarkable and memorable experience in my academic journey.


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