PhD defense of Gabriel Manzinali

16 July 2021

Gabriel Manzinali defends his PhD in Numerical Mechanics and Materials on July 16th, 2021

"Adaptive control for iterative solvers in an FE framework with mesh adaptation, for CFD simulations of industrial processes"

Gabriel Manzinali conducted his PhD work in CFL team, under the supervision of Elie Hachem, Youssef Mesri and Aurélien Larcher. Gabriel Manzinali defends his PhD in Numerical Mechanics and Materials on July &-th, 2021 in front of the following jury:

– Prof. Alvaro Coutinho
– Dr. Suzanne Michelle Shontz
– Erwan Liberge
The aim of this work is to propose a practical and general stopping criterion using an a posteriori approach, that relies on the error estimates available from the mesh adaptation procedure. This stopping criterion has to be robust and applicable to the different types of equations used to describe the complex physics involved in a conjugate heat transfer problem.
The final goal is to prove that with such stopping criterion is possible to drastically reduce the CPU time required for the solution of the linear system that stems from the Finite Element discretization.
Keywords:linear solver, Anisotropic adaptive mesh, error estimator, algebraic error 


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