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Bio-based aerogels: new eco-friendly porous materials for thermal insulation and controlled release
What are bio-aerogels? They are ultra-light weight porous materials with very high pore surface area, based on natural polymers and not toxic. Tatiana Budtova, researcher, presents an innovation developed in CEMEF MINES ParisTech.
MINES ParisTech equips CEMEF with a 3D microscope
CEMEF MINES ParisTech, Sophia Antipolis.
A new microscope for the analysis of microstructures in 3 dimensions and the monitoring of changes during heat treatments. How does it work? Why is it needed? For what purpose? Elements of answer with Nathalie Bozzolo, Professor.
The ANR Digimu Industrial Chair
Marc Bernacki, CEMEF scientist, presents the objectives and advances of the ANR Digimu Chair.
Launched in 2016, it meets the needs for modelling the evolution of microstructures during materials forming.
Simulating complex physical mechanisms using new numerical methods is one of its advances.