Open PhD position: Bio-aerogels for Biomedical Applications Using Additive Manufacturing and Numerical Simulation

    PHD THESIS CEMEF 2021: Bio-aerogels for Biomedical Applications Using Additive Manufacturing and Numerical Simulation


    Wound-related health problems will be accentuated in the years to come because of the aging of the population whereby the prevalence of wounds, especially chronic wounds, will increase. The management of wounds will therefore remain a major challenge. Despite the progress in this field, high performance wound healing materials are still highly sought after.

    Global objective of work

    The goals of the project are 1) to prepare advanced functional materials, bio-aerogels, to be used as 3D printed wound dressings and 2) to understand and optimize the printing process using numerical modelling.

    Detailed presentation

    Bio-aerogels are emerging class of bio-based materials; they are nanostructured and highly porous. In our laboratory we develop aerogels based on polysaccharides which are very promising materials for life science applications. In this work new bio-aerogels will be developed combining controlled meso- and macroporosity, on-demand shape, controlled release of drugs and absorption of excess blood, plasma and other fluids. The analyses will be conducted through a mixed approach combining experiments, modelling and 3D numerical simulations.

    Bio-aerogels for Biomedical Applications

    The bio-aerogels will be prepared from cellulose based polymers, which are used in biomedical field. These polysaccharide solutions will be printed and transformed into bio-aerogels. 3D printing experimental work will be accompanied by non-Newtonian fluid mechanics modelling and 3D numerical simulations in order to understand shaping and predict the best printing conditions.

    References :
    - L. Druel, P. Niemeyer, B. Milow, T. Budtova, “Rheology of cellulose-[DBNH][CO2Et] solutions and shaping into aerogel beads”, Green Chem., 20, 3993 (2018)
    - A. Pereira, R. Valette, E. Hachem, « Inertia-dominated coiling instabilities of power-law fluids”, J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech., 282, 104321 (2020)

    Candidate profile and skills

    Knowledge in materials science, polymer chemistry & polymer physics and numerical modelling; fluent in English, highly motivated, pro-active; MSc thesis completed

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    General informations

    • Industrial field: Mechanics and Materials
    • Location:CEMEF - MINES ParisTech, 06 Sophia-Antipolis (France)
    • Keywords:Biopolymers, gelation, bio-aerogels, 3D printing, modelling and 3D numerical simulations of complex fluid flows, biomaterials.
    • Duration: 3 years
    • Gross annual salary: about 26k€
    • Deadline to apply: 2021-06-15


    • Teams: Biobased Polymers and Composites group [BIO] and Computing and Fluids group [CFL]
    • Supervisors:Dr. Tatiana Budtova and Pr. Rudy Valette

    To apply

    • papers requiered to apply:
    • your most recent CV
    • Detailed, official proof of your grades during your most recent studies(maximum 3)
    • One or more references from professors or heads of training programmes

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