Upcoming conference: ICTP2023, sept. 24-29

17 September 2023

CEMEF coorganizes the International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity in Mandelieu

The International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity (ICTP) is organized for the first time in France, in the exceptional venue of the French Riviera. 
ICTP, the ‘Olympic games of metal forming’ founded in 1984, is a three-yearly conference that has grown into one of the biggest international events in forming technology. 
ICTP is not only a conference where the latest scientific achievements are presented, it is also a place where a bridge is built between fundamental science and industrial applications. Gathering international scientists and engineers from across industry, academia, and government gives us the opportunity to share our latest results but also to think about the solutions this ICTP community can provide to answer major challenges related to industry, society and environment issues.
Seven plenary speakers will present their works, among which, Pierre Montmitonnet, head of the PSF team, who will talk about "Space- and time-varying friction in metal forming: risks and opportunities, experimental and numerical assessment"
The 14th edition of ICTP will be held in the Mandelieu-La Napoule Congress centre from Sept. 24 to 29. The conference is co-organized by to research French Laboratories: Mines Paris – PSL – CEMEF and Arts & Métiers – LCFC. Les chercheurs impliqués sont Katia Mocelling et Pierre-Olivier Bouchard (CEMEF) et Tudor Balan et Régis Bigot (LCFC).

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