PhD Defence of Vincent Maguin

11 December 2020

Vincent Maguin defends his PhD in Numerical Mechanics and Materials on Nov. 16th, 2020.

"Multiphysic model of macrosegregation and development of freckles during solidification of single crystal turbine blades"

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Vincent Maguin conducted his PhD work under the supervision of Charles-André Gandin in 2MS team, in the framework of an industrial project with SafranTech. He defends his thesis work in front of the following jury:
– Pr. Valery BOTTON (INSA Lyon, Villeurbanne) : rapporteur
– C.R. Miha ZALOZNIK (Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy) : rapporteur
– D.R. Nathalie MANGELINCK-NOËL (Inst. Mat. Microélectonique Nanosciences de Provence, Marseille) : examinateur
– M.A. Gildas GUILLEMOT (MINES ParisTech-CEMEF, Sophia Antipolis) : examinateur
– Virginie JAQUET (SAFRAN Tech, Colombes) : invité
Keywords: Single crystal turbine blades, nickel based superalloy, directional solidification, multiphysic computation, macrosegregation, freckles, microsegreation model, kd-tree


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