PhD defence of Feng Gao

27 July 2021

Feng Gao defends his PhD in Numerical Mechanics and Materials on July 27, 21

Development of mechanical characterization tests at very high temperature with contactless instrumentation. Application to the identification by inverse analysis of the behavior of In718 nickel-based superalloy under conditions of additive manufacturing by L-PBF process

Feng Gao conducted his PhD work in the 2MS team under the supervision of Michel Bellet and Yancheng Zhang in the framework of project of the China Scholarship Council and SAFRAN. Feng Gao defends his PhD in Numerical Mechanics and Materials on July 27th, 2021 in front of the following jury:

– M. Philippe Dal SANTO,  Professeur des universités Arts et Métiers ParisTech,

– M. Daniel NELIAS,  Professeur des universités INSA Lyon

– Mme Yuanyuan LU,  Associate professor Beihang University

– M. Jean-Michel BERGHEAU,  Professeur des universités École nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne

– M. Bruno MACQUAIRE, Ingenieur de recherche, Safran Additive Manufacturing




Keywords: Characterization; Constitutive model; Anisotropy; Optimisation; Numerical simulation; Additive manufacturing




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