PhD defence of Ali-Malek Boubaya

5 July 2022

Ali-Malek Boubaya will defend his PhD in Computational Mathematics, High Performance Computing and Data on July 5, 22.

New interface capturing and boiling framework modeling for industrial cooling

Ali-Malek Boubaya conducts his PhD work in the CFL team. He will defend his PhD in Computational Mathematics, High Performance Computing and Data, on June 24th, 22 in front of the following jury:

Pr. Stefanie ELGETI, Technischen Universitat Wien
Pr. Franck BOYER, Université de Toulouse
Pr. Médéric ARGENTINA, Université Côte d’Azur
Pr. Elie HACHEM, CEMEF Mines Paris
Dr. Aurelien LARCHER, CEMEF Mines Paris
This thesis is part of the desire to have a numerical framework dealing with complex industrial cases. For this reason, it is necessary to develop new solvers that enrich the library of methods currently used in the team. This desire relies on the will to consider a new approach of interface capturing enabling the obtaining of new information about the physics of the system and bringing numerical robustness.
The phase-field method is based on an energetic approach of the interface separating the phases that which is not the case for the currently used interface capturing method. Furthermore, the method owns good properties to model the capillary action, involved in the wetting, and consider contact angles. Directed by a perspective of industrial applications, this interface capturing aims to be unified with other physical models for a multiphysics characteristic and a multiple applications to the industrial numerical simulation.

Keywords: Mathematics, Numerical analysis, Comutational Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Consulting, Thermic




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