Loss of our colleague and friend, Lionel Fourment

2 December 2019

It is with a great sadness that we learned of the passing on November 30th of our dear friend and colleague Lionel Fourment.

In these painful circumstances, our thoughts are with his wife and his children as well as his loved ones.
As for us, we not only lost a great scientist but also a gentleman full of kindness, caring an optimism about mankind. Tjose of us who were lucky to be acquained with himm will remember a bright mind. We will miss him greatly.

Lionel was a long-time colleague. He had been in the lab. for over thirty years.He joined CEMEF in 1987 and defended in 1992 his PhD work – prepared under the supervision of Jean-loup Chenot – on the topic of "Error estimators and adaptative meshing for computational modelling of forming processes". He spent his entire research career in our lab. He joined CNRS (French National Research Centre for Scientific Research) in 1994 and focused his research activities on the development of numerical methods in solid mechanics: Optimization and identification methods, error estimators, adaptative meshing, solving methods for large linear systems, computation time reduction, parallel computation, contact problems and more recently development of numerical methods for ALE formulation, stationary problems in elastoplasticity. He carried out in-depth investigation on these topics. And we can clearly say that he was one of the key players in the numerical methods developments on our lab. His contributions to the outreach and visibility of CEMEF's scientific production have gone far beyond our laboratory.

He was committed to serving the causes of Science with great humility. He worked for and with the research community of the computational mechanics field, in France and abroad. Being very active in setting up and managing European projects, he became involved with the same enthousiasm in the European ESAFORM association, for which he chaired the scientific awards panels.


We wish to honor his memory. It is still too early to define how this will take place, but we shall keep on promoting and pursuing his work… by organizing among others a scientific seminar in tribute to him, if possible in 2020.

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